iPhone Tips - Disable Keep Normal Photo option to save storage space

Running out of storage space? One of the way to free up storage space is not to keep the normal photos with the HDR function on your iPhone.

iPhone comes with HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature for taking photos. When you snap a picture, your iPhone actually takes 3 different photos with 3 different exposure, and combine them to get the best quality result.

By default, your iOS will store the 3 normal photos on top of the HDR photo. Since you already have the HDR photo, it is actually not necessary to store the normal photos. You can disable this by following the steps below.

  • From your home page, open the Settings by tapping on the gear icon as shown in the image below

  • Select Photos & Camera

  • Scroll down and disable Keep Normal Photo option

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Top 10 tips for Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Pixel and Pixel XL, smartphones from Google has hit the markets recently and has raised the bar with competitor iPhone 7. It comes with the highest rated camera, built-in Google Assistant and unlimited storage option etc. If you are already among the pioneer users of Pixel and Pixel XL, this is the article for you! We have hand picked ten of its best hidden tricks to make it more exciting for you. Read on.

Night Light for Night

Obviously you give strain to your eyes during night use on your Pixel, Pixel phones have addressed this issue in the right way. Switch on to the Night Light mode which would assure you warmer hue filters during low light usage and therefore greatly reduce strain to your eyes.

Split Your Screen and Multitask

For user who loves multitasking, the Pixel offers a wonderful option. You can tap and hold the ‘recent’ button whenever you want to access the multitasking screen. Plus you can choose other apps to decide which apps will run on the second half of the display.

Show Your Battery

The pixel offers an option for your phone to indicate the battery level. On your Pixel phone go to Settings> Status Bar>Battery>Always Show Percentage.

Assistant for You

Google Assistant needs no introduction. You can set the settings as per your location and interests, so that the assistant will work the way you want. To do it, launch Google Assistant by long-pressing the home button, tap on the menu icon in the top left corner and hit Settings.

Make UI Elements Big

If you would like to see the UI elements on the display screen on a bigger size, go to settings and hit on the display button. You will get a slider to change the size as per you want.

WiFi assistant

If you want to switch between wifi and data network provided by the telephone company according to the strength of its signals automatically, here is the best way. Activate the wi-fi assistant by go to Settings>Wi-Fi and press the cog wheel in the top right corner, then hit Use open Wi-Fi automatically.

Better videos

Google Pixel enables you to shoot high quality video and store it on cloud without any limitations. For shooting high quality videos, scroll down to Video>Back camera video resolution and hit UHD 4K.

Ensured security

Google Pixel phones ensure the security of your content through retina scanner, fingerprint scanner and face scanner. However, you can also activate Smart Lock option through which the phone can be switched on only when it is in safe hands.

Work with one hand

If you prefer to type the phone with one hand, as you are busy in the other hand, here is your way. Press and hold the ‘return’ button while the keyboard is open. You will see a new window depicting a single hand holding a screen. You can go to one-handed typing mode by clicking it.

Selfie in a second

You can easily switch into selfie mode in Pixel phones by a gesture touch on the phone. In order to activate the gesture go to settings>Moves>Flip camera gesture.

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Do this before you sell your iPhone

Are you planning to sell your iPhone? If yes, then read on to find out what you should do before you sell your Apple Smartphone. There is not just one thing you need to do before selling your old Apple mobile device, but a few things that are quite necessary.

However, if you are selling your new Apple Smartphone, just because the screen is broken, then do not sell it, as we can repair iphone screen at an affordable price just for you.

1. Unlock the carrier of your Apple Smartphone

Before you sell your iPhone, make sure that you unlock its carrier. Otherwise, the new owner will not be able to switch on the Apple mobile device. It can happen that your Apple mobile device has a lock of some particular carrier. Ensure that you remove this lock by contacting your phone carrier.

Your carrier may ask for some fees before they unlock it. It will be advisable to pay the charge if its not too absurd, as this can increase your Apple Smartphone’s resale value. Do unlock it only if you think it’s worth it. This may take some days in the process, but it surely will increase the resale value.

2. Back up your Apple mobile device

This is one of the important things that you must do before selling your iPhone. You should have the latest backup of your Apple mobile device in order to keep your data secure and safe. Plus, this will allow you to easily and quickly restore your old phone data to your new phone, when you buy the new one.

iCloud can create an automatic backup, it is advisable to do one last one before clearing all data, so that you can be sure that your latest data is safe. For this, you have to connect your Apple mobile device with a Wi-Fi connection. Do plug your iPhone to the charger in any case your battery depletes too much.

Open ‘Settings’ through the Home screen of your Apple Smartphone. After this, click the ‘iCloud’ button, then press ‘Backup,’ and click on ‘Back Up Now.’

3. Remove your personal information

After backing up your data, wipe your personal data from it, such as your photos, messages, files, etc. This will ensure that your personal information is not exposed to any strangers. For this, you’ll have to go to the ‘Settings’ app from your Apple mobile device’s Home screen. Then, click on ‘General,’ scroll down, and press the ‘Reset’ option.

Click on ‘Erase All Content and Settings.’ After this, you need to press the ‘Erase iPhone’ option and then press it again in order to verify. Then fill in your ‘passcode’ and Apple ID password in order to turn off the ‘Activate Lock’ option and remove your iPhone from ‘Find my iPhone.’

These things will definitely maximize the resale value of your old Apple Smartphone. And, if you are having problems with your iPhone’s hardware, you can bring it to us to repair iPhone instead.

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8 super-awesome tips to know while you use your iPhone

Since Apple, the tech giant, has introduced iPhone in the consumer market, it has made people crazy with its amazing features and stunning design. Do you own an iPhone? Well, this article is for you. Lined up are eight useful tips and hacks which will help you to efficiently use you iPhone, especially if it is of newer versions.

1. For longer battery life

Is your phone dying out of charge? Here is what you can do for longer battery life . Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Turn off location services. Turn off 3G or 4G services. Turn off vibrate while ring. Turn off brightness. With all these features switched off, your phone will last long.

2. For panoramic shots

Looking for panoramic shots from your iPhone? All you need is to change into the panoramic mode which will help you to capture panoramic shots from right to left or left to right.

3. Deleting SMS

Have you typed a long message and want to delete it in one step? Shake your iPhone and you will get an option to delete the message as a whole. If you shake it again, you will get an option to redo typing. Sounds easy, right?

4. Formatting email

In order to format the content in an email while writing it on your iPhone, highlight the text you want to format, and then tap on the options arrow to look for the "BIU" button. Tap on it and select the format you want from Bold, Italics or Underline.

5. Sharing multiple images

Want to share multiple images in message or email from your iPhone? You can share multiple images through iCloud photo sharing feature easily.

6. Spotlight search

Want to open Spotlight search? Swipe down anywhere on the Home screen- such as from middle. Just type whatever you are looking for.

7. To correct Siri

Is Siri pronouncing your name wrong? All you need to tell it frankly to Siri. Siri will ask you for the correct pronunciation. You can correct and Siri will never go wrong again.

8. Deleting messages in bulk

When you want to delete or move messages in batches, here is your way. Go to inbox, tap edit, and select the message you want to delete or move. Tap trash or move.

iPhone repair made easy in Singapore!

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How to pick a Solid Pair of Bluetooth Headphones

The one thing you must know about electronic gadgets is that there is no perfect gadget for anyone, it all depends on your requirements and lifestyle. Bluetooth headphones are not excluded in this choice, it will depend on how much and often you would use them.

If you use an iPhone with a damaged screen, you will not be able to see the bluetooth preference setting clearly, so you should look for proper iPhone screen repair.

You can go through the following features to evaluate your bluetooth headset needs:


This is the most important factor if you are going to use your Bluetooth headphones for long periods. A lighter set will be more comfortable compared to a heavier one, though the downside to lighter headsets might be the shorter battery lifespan.

Music Control

As some users use the bluetooth headset with their cell phones, there should be an auto control so the music will be paused when you get a call. Do note not all Bluetooth headphones come with music control.

Software Compatibility

A Bluetooth headset provides for stereo sound and is supported by an audio source, when you want to stream music from your mobile, your phone should support A2DP Bluetooth profiles. If you find that it’s not connecting well, you will want to seek help for iPhone repair services.

Quality of Sound

A Bluetooth headset may not give you as good sound quality as you get with a wired device. However, the noise cancellation feature with most Bluetooth sets can help to enhance the sound quality.


Bluetooth headsets have a limited range and is generally stated in the technical specifications of the product. You must choose a headset with good quality of sound and a good connection range. Old Bluetooth headsets could only connect up to 30 feet, but the advanced versions can connect up to 300 feet.

Battery Life

If you plan to listen to music for prolonged periods of time, you would need a larger battery life that usually comes with larger and heavier devices.


Many bluetooth headphones will come with an identical charger head as that of the compatible cell phone. You should buy a headset that shares the same charger head of your phone as it will be super convenient for travellers.

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2016 MacBook Pro - 5 Things You Need to Know

Apple the tech giant has introduced their new version of MacBook Pro last week in California, putting an end to speculations about its features. The machine proves to be yet another amazing product from Apple as it exceeds most of the expectations put on it since their production.

A thinner body, OLED touch panel, Touch ID functionality, Second generation butterfly keyboard, and the list goes on. It is indeed a promising product brought to you by the iPhone makers.

Here is a quick list about what you would need to know about the MacBook Pro, the latest entry into the world of gadgets.

A Quick Intro

This updated version of MacBook Pro came after a short break after the last update in May 2015 after being faced with a slowdown in its market share in the computing industry by 4.9% in Q2 2016 as compared to the previous year. The company introduced a product with a breakthrough interface that replaces the traditional row of function keys with a Multi-Touch display called the ‘Touch Bar’

Physically Mind-Blowing!

This newest version of Mac Book Pro is claimed by Apple to be the thinnest model, and also the lightest one produced. It has a brand new all-metal unibody construction which gives an incredibly dense notebook appeal. It is thinner by 14% at 15.5 mm and 20% more compact than its predecessor. And the weight is a mere 4 pounds.

Force Touch Trackpad

The Force Touch is newly introduced in this model and is twice as large as previous trackpads. Users get more space in the touchpad to work and move the fingers freely. The Force Touch trackpad lets you ‘Force click’ by pressing on the trackpad with differentiating pressure. This allows you to take advantage of added functionality in many apps and system features on your Apple products.

Touch ID Functionality

Another major characteristic of the newest version of Mac Book Pro is the Touch ID functionality. It was a much speculated feature before the launch of the new laptop. The new feature brings security to newer heights. There is no longer trouble of remembering the passwords before using your laptop and also supports Apple Pay purchases. The best part of this Touch ID is that it's integrated into the power button which makes it easier for the user and also allows multiple profiles on the same device.

Powerful Processor

The new MacBook Pro will be introduced with a sixth generation quad-core Core i7 CPU working in tandem with a Radeon Pro GPU. The Radeon Pro GPU comes with 4GB of VRAM and you will also have an option to enhance your MacBook Pro with up to 2TB of SSD storage.

According to the company’s press release, “It’s also the most powerful MacBook Pro ever, featuring sixth-generation quad-core and dual-core processors, up to 2.3 times the graphics performance over the previous generation, super-fast SSDs and up to four Thunderbolt 3 ports.” Indeed, it is!

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3 ways to stop procrastinating - using your smartphone

Procrastinating or delaying is a bad habit that is found in many people nowadays, youngsters or adults alike. However, now you can get rid of this bad habit, with the help of technology. And, by technology, we refer to your iPhone.

Yes, you heard it right! Now, you can complete your work every day, without procrastinating it to a later time. Whether it is your personal work or official work, procrastinating is now a thing of the past with your Apple mobile device. If it's damaged or can't boot up, Repair iPhone from us!

Have a look at the 3 ways which you can turn your Apple Smartphone from a distraction to a tool that can fight procrastination.

1. Use a timer

The timer in your iPhone is there for some reason and what better way to use it than to fight your inner procrastination monster. Set the timer on your Apple mobile device and you will soon see how it increases your productivity.

Time yourself while you work on tasks, along with your breaks. Ensure that you set your work time between 25 and 50 minutes, during which you can work in sprints on your most crucial tasks followed by taking a break. Make sure that your break consists of something totally different, so that it can freshen up your mind.

This strategy is at times called the ‘pomodoro’ technique. And, if you follow this technique, you can enormously increase your work output. You can also do it in the opposite way, which means timing your break time. For instance, if you feel like surfing the net, checking news, or your social media accounts in order to relax, you can do so guilt free by setting the timer on your iPhone for say like 20 minutes.

This will help to control your habit and will also let you know, when you should get back to work. Besides your iPhone’s timer, you can also download any mobile application on your Apple Smartphone by putting ‘pomodoro’ in the search box of the Apple app store.

2. Listen to songs

Listening to songs can also help you with procrastination. You can work with several playlists on your iPhone. For instance, create two playlists, amongst which one is for your recreation time and the other is for your productive time.

You can set the productive playlist for a longer time period than the relaxing playlist, such as the former one can be 40 minutes long and the latter one can be 20 minutes long. Additionally, you can speed up your relaxing playlist at the end, so that the last songs can give you energy. This energy can be utilized to get back to your work.

3. See your ‘what is your purpose’ pictures

Whenever you procrastinate, you will find that it can highly delay your success. In order to get rid of this habit, you must think about the bigger picture, as to what matters to you the most, what you want to achieve in your life, what your purpose in life is, and where you see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years.

With this in mind, find a few pictures and make a nice collage of all these pictures in your iPhone. You can easily do this with the help of a picture collage app, which you can download from the app store of Apple. Then, put a text on the top of the picture, which explains your purpose in life. And, whenever you feel like procrastinating things, look at the picture in your iPhone screen and that will snap you of procrastination by reconnecting with your purpose in life.

Through these 3 ways, you can quit your procrastinating habit using your iPhone. And, if your iPhone screen breaks, repair iphone screen quickly!

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Why We Are Waiting for Samsung Note 8

Are you among the crowd who is anxiously waiting for the launch of Samsung Note 8? Or are you confused why the folks are waiting for it? If you belong to the second category, this article would be the answer for you. Here goes the reasons for why the new smartphone from Samsung is very much awaited. The phone will be launched in the market in 2017 according to the company sources. Keep a lookout for it!

A Good Battery

Well, the explosion of battery in the previous version, Samsung Note 7, has put users in confusion. This is why the company is manufacturing the new Samsung Note 8 with an long life battery which will certainly not upset the fans. Speculations say that the new phone will hit the markets with an innovative good battery which will be the first major advantage of buying the phone.

Better Quality

As the mistake in the previous phone is rightly acknowledged and well managed, users should have high expectations over this new phone. Quality assurance has become the top priority for the company, and that is where users will enjoy this privilege while they opt for this smart phone. The phone will also come with an iris scanner as well as fingerprint scanner for assured security.

S Pen Stylus

Another exciting feature which is believed to be in the Samsung Note 8, would be the S Pen Stylus. The stylus has always been one of the remarkable features of the Samsung Note family and this new phone will see an improved version of the stylus. Sounds good, right?

Wide Display

As similar to the Samsung Note 7, the new phone is also expected to have 5.7 inch screen with a display resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. It is expected to support 4K display in order to be in line with the increasing accepting trend of virtual reality.

Powerful Inside

Samsung Note 8 would be the first smartphone to be introduced in the market with the newest chip from Qualcomm. There are rumors that it may be built with Exynos 8895 processor as well. The internal storage capacity is expected to compete with iPhone 7 Plus, which is good news for consumers.

Worth a Buy!

Let’s hope that Samsung Note 8 would not disappoint the supporters as happened to its predecessor. The price of the phone is sure to be in the premium category, and will be competitive with iPhone 7. As per news reports, Note 7 owners can trade their devices with Galaxy S7 units, which will ultimately allow them to trade it in for a Note 8 or an S8 at half the price via Samsung's update program.

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Comparing AppleCare+ and AppleCare Protection Plan

Are you confused about AppleCare+ protection plan? Do you want to know which one between Apple Care+ and AppleCare is better for your Apple mobile device? If you are looking for answers to any of these questions, then read on.

Any form of insuring your iPhone will surely give you a peace of mind. Moreover, it allows you to use your Apple mobile device, without any worries of damage or breaking, especially if it’s your new phone. Even if you break your iPhone’s screen, you can repair iphone screen with us.

There are 2 main types of protection plans offered to customers when they buy a new Apple Smartphone to protect their investment. One such extended warranties product is AppleCare+, which is a comprehensive plan that includes the iPhone Upgrade Program.

AppleCare+ versus AppleCare

Every iPhone that you buy, whether from Apple or any other retailer, comes with a limited warranty of 1 year against defects, which is known as AppleCare. This coverage for your Apple mobile device does not cost anything and is activated automatically on the day you buy your new Apple Smartphone. AppleCare also offers complimentary support for your iPhone for a full 90 days. However, this being only the basic version, it does not provide any protection against accidental damage of your Apple mobile device. Here is where AppleCare+ comes in handy. Although, AppleCare+ requires you to pay an additional $129 extra, it is quite useful as coverage is more comprehensive.

AppleCare+ not only extends the standard warranty of 1 year to 2 years, but it also provides customers with phone support for a full 2 years, as compared to the 90 days provided by AppleCare basic. You can purchase AppleCare+ either when you purchase your new iPhone or within 60 days of buying your Apple Smartphone.


AppleCare+ is great for people who plan to keep their Apple mobile device for over one year and is accident prone. And also, if your Apple Smartphone only has accidental damage and you do not have Apple Care+, you can bring it to us, so that we can repair iPhone for you.

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How to stay on the Strongest Wi-Fi at all times

When you have so many options of staying connected via Internet, you would never want to stay off the strongest wifi you can find. Especially when you are on the go, you would obviously want to stay connected with it. You must know that your phone is not the smartest to find out the best Wi-Fi connection for you however, you can always fix it so that your phone catches the strongest Wi-Fi at all times.

Android Phones

If you have an android phone, you will realise that your phone will stick to your current network even if the signal completely dies. Moreover, it does not switch to the next Wi-Fi network even after your current one dies. To solve this problem, you can install the Wi-Fi switcher application. It lets you install your preferred routers, which will always take priority and it will also configure a threshold of distance that you must reach before switching to a new network. This app is useful when you are at your office or home and there are multiple access points. You can switch off your mobile data whilst switching because why go for 2.4Ghz when you can have 5GHz.

In the Wi-Fi switcher app, you just have to tick your preferred box located adjacent to your Wi-Fi network. You can also open the settings panel using the menu button located in the corner in order to set up additional options in the app.

Apple Products

You cannot use wifi when your screen is damaged , luckily you can get iPhone screen repair quite easily. Without proper iPhone repair, wifi connection will be a huge problem.

For apple products, you might face slight issues in setting up your preferred network because Apple uses various criteria to settle on a Wi-Fi network, such as hotspot type and security settings of the network. You can install the Wi-Fi Priority application, which does the same work for you.

Another trick to set up your preferred network for iPhone is through macOS. When you setup your Wi-Fi preferences on your macOS, it automatically sync through the iCloud to your iOS device when you use your identical Apple ID on both devices. By doing so, it will prioritize the macOS setup against the iPhone.

Delete recognized Wi-Fi connections

When you know that you will not need a Wi-Fi connection anymore, you can delete those connections to reduce the burden on your operating system.

  • Open System Preferences

  • Click the tab titled ‘Network’

  • You can alternatively click on Wi-Fi icon located in the top right corner of menu bar. Then tap on ‘network preferences’

  • Select Wi-Fi name on the left and click ‘advanced’ tab on the right

  • In the list of recognized Wi-Fi connections, delete the ones you want using the ‘-‘ button.

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Fun Quiz - Unlock This


Step 1

Based on the second statement, we know that 6, 4 and 3 are not the correct numbers. We can eliminate them

Step 2

Based on the 4th statement, we know that 2 is correct, but it is in the wrong position, it should not be in the 3rd digit. And based on the 5th statement, we know that 2 should not be in the second digit.

Therefore, 2 should be the first digit. Answer should be 2 - ? - ?

Step 3

Based on the third statement, 8 is wrong, because we know that the first digit is 2. We can eliminate all the 8. Also for the same statement, we know that 0 is the right number at the right position, which is the middle digit. The answer should be 2 - 0 - ?

Step 4

Lastly, we can take a look at the first statement. 5 can't be right because it is at the last digit, which is the correct position. So the last digit should be 1, because it is at the wrong position.

Answer: 2 - 0 - 1

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New screen time rules for kids, by doctors

This article first appeared in CNN

(CNN)Digital media exposure for children of all ages should be limited, according to new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

This week, the AAP hosted a national conference in San Francisco, where an estimated 10,000 pediatricians met to discuss new children's health recommendations for 2017. Children's screen time, social media and cyberbullying were key points of interest.

Previously the Academy set a general screen time limit: no more than two hours in front of the TV for kids over age 2. Today, in a world surrounded by digital media 24/7, defining screen time is difficult.

"It doesn't make sense to make a blanket statement [of two hours] of screen time anymore," said Dr. Yolanda Reid Chassiakos, lead author of the "Children and Adolescents and Digital Media Technical Report" and assistant professor at UCLA. "For some children, two hours may be too much."

For the new guidelines, the AAP identifies screen time as time spent using digital media for entertainment purposes. Other uses of media, such as online homework, don't count as screen time.

The academy recommends that for children 2 to 5 years of age, screen time should be limited to one hour per day. For kids ages 6 and older, parents can determine the restrictions for time spent using screen, as well as monitor the types of digital media their children use.

Babies are most vulnerable to screens. Infants aged 18 months and younger should not be exposed to any digital media, the academy says.

Infants 18 months and younger: No screen time

For parents with infants, cutting off technology completely can be challenging. But banning screen time for babies is hugely important for brain development and healthy parent-child connections, Chassiakos said.

"The noise and activity of a screen are distracting for a child," she said. Even if the baby isn't directly looking at the screen -- for example, if a mother is nursing her child on the couch while watching TV -- the baby can be overstimulated by the lights and sounds, which may cause distress and sleep problems.

Perhaps most negatively, screen time causes a disconnect between parents and children.

"When a mother is breast-feeding, that is a crucial bonding time," said Chassiakos. The more face-to-face interaction children have with mothers and other adults, especially eye contact, the better for the brain development of infants, she explained.

If parents' attention is fixed on a TV or phone screen, babies are deprived of that attention; and if they are repeatedly neglected in favor of digital media, children may develop behavioral issues in the future, Chassaiakos said.

"The TV should not be a babysitter," she said. "It's much better to talk to a child or read from a book."

Children 2 to 5 years: One hour per day

The AAP recommends that "parents prioritize creative, unplugged playtime for infants and toddlers," according to its press release. Children this age can be introduced to screens, but only for one hour a day. The type of media they are exposed to is critical: only high-quality programs, such as "Sesame Street" and other PBS shows should be viewed.

"Shows like 'Sesame Street' are much better than standard TV, because they don't have advertisements, which tend to overstimulate children," said Chassiakos.

Toddler-aged kids haven't developed the cognitive skills to understand advertisements or animations, she explained. Children at this age "can't interpret images like an older kid," meaning they can't decipher between real-world people and fictional cartoons.

While cartoons get a thumbs-down, the academy supports toddlers using face-to-face interactive media, such as Skype or Facetime. Including children in Skype video conversations with grandma, for example, can promote healthy development in kids, Chassiakos says. After the conversation ends, parents can supplement children's learning by repeating what grandma said on the screen.

Children 6 years and older: Limit digital media

Parents are in charge of setting limits on digital media for kids and teens six and older, the academy says. The amount of daily screen time depends on the child and family, but children should prioritize productive time over entertainment time.

For healthy kids, an average day includes "school, homework time, at least one hour of physical activity, social contact and sleep -- which is anywhere from eight to 12 hours for kids," said Chassiakos. "Whatever's left over can be screen time."

The academy agrees that digital media should never replace healthy activities, particularly sleep, social interaction and physical activity. In the press release, Dr. Jenny Radesky stated, "What's most important is that parents be their child's 'media mentor.' That means teaching them how to use it as a tool to create, connect and learn."

Kids and teens have access to thousands of apps, film streaming sites, video games and social media on multiple devices, from personal smartphones to public school-issued tablets.

"The environment of media has changed today," Chassiakos said. Many aspects of digital media are positive: it can be interactive; it facilitates communication; it allows people to create. Kids often view class lecture notes and do homework through a screen, she said.

However, parents have to talk to kids, especially teens, about the risks of digital media -- including "cyberbullying, engaging in sexting, and being accessible to advertisements and online predators," Chassiakos said.

For smaller children, discussing advertisements on TV is important, the academy reports. Many products, such as sugary cereals and fast-food restaurants, are marketed to children, and parents should help kids understand that these foods aren't healthy choices.

"Even though the media landscape is constantly changing, some of the same parenting rules apply," Chassiakos wrote in the academy's press release. "Parents play an important role in helping children and teens navigate the media environment, just as they help them learn how to behave off-line."

Tips for parents for healthy digital media use

Parents are children's main role models, so it's important for moms and dads to have healthy digital media habits. This means being conscious of setting down cellphones, turning off the TV and shutting laptops at night.

"Young children can tell when their parents' heads are always in their cells," Chassiakos said. The lack of attention from a parent can make "kids' levels of irritable behavior worse."

The academy recommends that families designate "media-free times together, such as dinner or driving, as well as media-free locations at home, such as bedrooms," according to the release.

With phones off the dinner table, families can have in-person conversations, which are very important for children's development. Parents benefit from media-free practices, too. Face-to-face interactions with family creates more intimate bonds, and tech-free bedrooms can promote better sleep, Chassiakos explained.

Keeping tech devices out of bedrooms is also a good way to monitor kids' digital media activity. Chassiakos recommends having children use computers in the living room, for example, to ensure they finish any online homework assignments before using entertainment media.

"This doesn't mean you can't play video games with your kids," she said. "What's most important is that families have media-free time, and when digital media is used, it's used mainly for communication rather than entertainment."

For help constructing a digital media plan for the whole family, the AAP recommends using the Family Media Plan tool, which can be found at healthychildren.org.

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How to Fix a Spoilt iPhone Home Button

The home button in your iPhone is one of the most important parts of Apple devices as it controls the more important functions of different iOS devices, whether it is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. However, if you’re a frequent Apple user, you would have faced this problem of the home button not responding well. This makes it difficult and annoying to use your iPhone. If your Apple device is still under warranty, then you can quickly visit the nearest Apple store and get the home button fixed.

But, if your iPhone is not under warranty, then you have two simple choices. Either you can work around the unresponsive home button of your iPhone or you can fix it. The second option is a much better choice, as by fixing the iPhone’s home button you can use your device smoothly without any hassles.

There are some cases where the home button is not spoilt, but just off calibration and caused some functions to not work properly. You can read on to learn how to calibrate the home button of your iPhone. If you are facing some other type of problems with your iPhone, then you can get your iPhone repaired with us.

Do note by recalibrating the home button of your iPhone, it is still not an official fix but it works quite well to fix certain unresponsive functions of the home buttons. Here are the things you need to do to fix the unresponsive home button of your iPhone.

  • First of all, you need to launch any application that is pre-installed on your iPhone. You can launch Calendar, Notes, Reminders, or any other mobile app in your iPhone.

  • Then, you need to press and hold the power button of your iPhone for nearly 4 seconds, until your see a prompt saying “Slide to power off.”

  • After this, you must release your iPhone’s power button and then press and hold its home button. This will take about 6 to 7 seconds, after which the prompt will disappear and the application will force close.

This is how you can re-calibrate the home button of your iPhone. These steps will make your iPhone’s home button more responsive. However, if you still cannot fix the home button after using and repeating these tips, you can pass it to us to get it settled and if the screen of your iPhone has been shattered, then you can get iPhone screen repair.

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7 Can’t Miss Locally Made Apps in Singapore

Mobile Applications , abbreviated as apps, had indeed revolutionized our daily lives. With numerous apps hitting the market each day, it is bit confusing of what to choose and what not to.

Well, for all app addicts, this is an article for you in case you have shifted to Singapore recently and wondering what are the local apps that you should essentially have in your phone. To help you out, lined up is a hand-picked list of made-in-Singapore apps which is amazing and helpful to make your life easier.


Looking for a home in Singapore? This is the local app which would help in finding your dream home for you. Being one of the promising apps for online property search, it is one of the best ways to discover houses, condominiums, apartments for rent as well as for sale in Singapore. It assures the users transparent, fast and efficient property search functions.


After home, let’s now talk about food. Burpple is the app for you if you love sharing and rating the food on social networks. It is a food journal app where you can share xand organise collections too. It will also act as a food guide about the eat-outs in Singapore.


For online shopping, Carousell is becoming the final word in Singapore. From clothes to personal grooming and makeup products, electronics to home decor items, textbooks to stationery items, the app gives you an option to purchase anything just at a click away.


Love can be found in the form of an app in Singapore. The app lets you share your moments with your partner, have frequent chats, send date ideas etc. The app assures a private space for two to communicate, share, and remember precious moments.


This is the app for fashionistas if fashion luxury is the word for you. Born in Singapore for its residents, it is an exclusive flash sales website for designer luxury goods. Flash sale happens for a short period which helps middle class to own designer luxury goods at an affordable price. It also promotes selling of luxury goods from one person to another.


If you are in Singapore and wondering what to eat now, Picky is the app which comes handy for you. It is a food discovery app which has become quite popular among the locals. It gives its users answer to ‘what to eat and where to eat.’ The advantage of using Picky app is that the company claims it to be an intelligent app that recommends foods and restaurants based on your mood and preferences at any point of time.


Last in our list is PiPsports dedicated for sports enthusiasts. It is a sports photography and community app which helps its users to discover fan generated sports coverage and engage in communities and people with same taste within PiP stream. It is aimed at helping fans to capture, annotate, and share those awesome moments in their favourite sport.

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All these amazing apps can never be installed if your phone is not even working, if you are looking for an expert technician in iPhone screen repair Singapore, you are at the right place. Fill in the form in our website and submit. We will take care of the rest. We have a bunch of expert technicians who have proven skills in iPhone repair.

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How can you turn off your iPhone Touch ID?

You may need to turn off the Touch ID of your Apple mobile device in many cases. This means you want to turn off the Touch ID for its lock screen, for Apple Pay, or for the App Store and iTunes. So, let us start with turning off the Touch ID of your Apple Smartphone for its lock screen. Read on to find out how you can do it. And, if by chance your iPhone falls and its screen breaks, get it to us as we provide iPhone screen repair services.

How to turn off Touch ID of your iPhone for its lock screen

The Touch ID in Apple mobile devices is there for the user’s convenience. However, if you want more security for the lock screen of your Apple Smartphone, then you can use a solid alphanumeric pass code, instead of using the Touch ID. For this, you have to turn off the Touch ID of your iPhone. You can do so by following the below mentioned steps.

  • Step 1: Start the ‘Settings’ mobile application in your Apple mobile device from its Home screen.

  • Step 2: Press the button of Touch ID & Passcode.

  • Step 3: Type in your pass code, when your Apple Smartphone asks for it.

  • Step 4: Then, switch off the iPhone unlock.

How to turn off Touch ID of your iPhone for Apple Pay

The Apple Pay facility generally requires the Touch ID of Apple in order to authorize the user’s debit or credit card payments at retail. However, if the user wants to use a pass code instead of the Touch ID, he or she would have to turn off the Touch ID as follows.

  • Step 1: Start the ‘Settings’ mobile in your Apple mobile device from its Home screen.

  • Step 2: Press the ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ button.

  • Step 3: Type in your pass code, when your Apple Smartphone asks for it.

  • Step 4: Switch off the Apple Pay.

How to turn off Touch ID of your iPhone for App Store and iTunes

The Touch ID is required by the Apple App Store and iTunes in order to authorize the purchases of users. Moreover, the Touch ID replaces your password. However, if you have registered the fingerprints of other people to your Touch ID, such as your kids, then you may want to turn off the Touch ID and turn on your password. For turning off the touch ID of your Apple mobile device, you must follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Step 1: Start the ‘Settings’ mobile app in your Apple Smartphone from its Home screen.

  • Step 2: Press the ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ button.

  • Step 3: Type in your pass code, when your Apple mobile device asks for it.

  • Step 4: Switch off the Apple App Store and iTunes.

Thus, now you can turn off the Touch ID of your Apple Smartphone easily and quickly, whether it is for your iPhone lock screen, Apple Pay, or App Store and iTunes. And, if your iPhone is damaged, get it to us as we repair iPhone.

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How to use restrict settings on your iPhone?

The restrict settings of Apple mobile devices is also known as parental controls. Many people do not yet know how they can use restrict settings on their Apple Smartphone, if they want to keep it safe from their kids. In this article, you will get to know how you can use parental controls on your iPhone. However, before you learn that let us tell you what does the restrict settings do and how they can help you.

The parental controls or restrictions enable the user to set what their kids can and cannot access on their Apple mobile device, including its features, content, and apps. With restrictions, users can lock out many things on their Apple Smartphone, such as Safari, Camera, Siri , AirDrop, FaceTime, CarPlay, iBooks, Podcasts, App Stores (along with the in-app purchases), or the iTunes. In addition to this, it also allows the user to lock out content through age rating as well as the ability to do any changes to your accounts and other settings of mobile apps.

In simple words, parental controls are a means to block the access of your child to everything and anything that you think is unsuitable for them as per their sensitivity and age as well as your own judgment. This is what makes iPhones perfect computing platforms for children. And, if your kid throws your iPhone accidently and its screen breaks, we can repair iphone screen for you.

How can you set up restrictions with parental controls on your iPhone?

In order to use the restrictions of Parental Control, you need to switch them on in the ‘Settings’ of your Apple mobile device. This means that you need to create a pass code on your Apple Smartphone, so that no one else, particularly the clever children, can use the specified apps on your Apple mobile device.

Once you set up everything according to the temperament and age of your child, as well as according to your personal preferences, you can handover your Apple Smartphone to your kids, without any worries that they will hear or see anything that is inappropriate for them, change anything that they should not be changing, or purchase anything that they should not be purchasing (including the in-app purchases).

You can enable the restrict setting on your iPhone by following these steps.

  • Step 1: Start the ‘Settings’ mobile application on your Apple Smartphone.
  • Step 2: Press the ‘General’ option.
  • Step 3: Then, choose the ‘Restrictions’ option.
  • Step 4: Tap on the button that says ‘Enable Restrictions.’
  • Step 5: Enter a password that you can remember, in case you want to disable the restrictions again on your Apple mobile device. Make sure that this password is totally different from the pass code of your Apple Smartphone’s lock screen, otherwise your children will know it.
  • Step 6: Now, turn off all the mobile apps that you do not want anyone else to access without your permission, under the section of ‘Allow.’ Remember that this section is only for the built-in applications in your iPhone and not for any third party mobile applications.
  • Step 7: Scroll down further in order to adjust the different iOS aspects, such as restricting the usage of Game Center, filtering out particular websites, allowing specific websites, etc.

By following these steps, you can use the restrict settings in your Apple mobile device. And, if you want to change anything, you can just hop back into the parental controls and do it. We repair iphone in case of any damage.

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5 apps to download from App Store for free

The world has changed with mobile applications mobile applications. Our life has revolutionised with the introduction of mobile applications. It is the apps which make our life easier these days. However, there are n number of apps coming into market day by day which makes it difficult to choose the right one for you. If you are confused about choosing the best apps from App store, we are here to help. Here goes 5 necessary apps to download from App store for free.

1. Onefootball

If you are a football enthusiast this would be your favourite mobile application from app store. Your busy schedules may prevent you from keeping track with your favourite match. That is when the app becomes a gift with sending you notifications about the game happenings right at the spot. You will get customized news feeds and information about ticket sales as well.

2. Prisma

To satisfy your aesthetic taste, Prisma would be a definite app in your phone. It helps you to make your clicked picture artistic. It is very simple to use and make your picture artistically brilliant. It is a better app compared to many other photo editing softwares.

3. Hello Weather

It is a simple app that gives you all relevant information about the weather in your fingertip. It covers information about current weather, week’s forecast, coming days weather etc. It has got a clean user-friendly layout and readable graphs.

4. Foodie

If food and photography are your passion, this app is for you. Foodie is an amazing app that is designed to 'transform simple food photos into one-of-a-kind masterpieces'. Foodie's filters will help you to enhance the appeal of the food, and they have amusing names like Yum, Fresh and Crispy. ‘If you don't find that at least a little endearing there's an 'albums' button fashioned as a knife and fork, which might just be too much,’ says techradar.com

5. Figure

Figure from app store helps you in making music within seconds. This is the app for all serious lovers of music. It helps you in tweaking sounds or swapping out entirely at any point.

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If you are looking for an expert technician in iPhone screen repair in Singapore, you are at the right place. Fill in the form in our website and submit. We will take care of the rest. We have a bunch of expert technicians who have proven skills in iPhone repair Singapore. We will get in touch with you in no time, and reach your office or home to repair it on the spot. Call us anytime when you need instant repair in your iPhone at your doorstep.

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How to enable Siri on your iPhone?

Siri is the name of the personal digital assistant of Apple that is found in Apple mobile devices. It is basically a voice control system that speaks to you as well as understands context and relationships and has a personality similar to Pixar.

You can ask Siri any number of questions or even ask siri to do some amazing things for you, similar to the things that you would have asked to one of your real assistants. Siri can keep you informed and connected on time and in the correct place. You can also use the built in dictation trait of Siri in order to type text anywhere by just speaking to Siri and using your voice.

However, in order to benefit from this feature in Apple smartphones, you first have to enable Siri on your iPhone. This article will tell you how you can set up Siri on your Apple mobile device. Although, you can begin using Siri in some cases, in some other cases you have to enable this feature first.

Moreover, there are also settings that you can organize, which in turn will secure Siri even more. If you are not able to use your Apple mobile device because its screen has broken, then you can bring it to us and we can repair iPhone screenfor you within 60-90 minutes.

You must also choose the right blend of security and convenience for Siri in your Apple mobile device as well as check all your options. This is because Siri can get around your PIN lock, if you opt for it, and access your contacts and any other data in your Apple Smartphone. Plus, you can change the language of Siri and control when it listens to you. You can even adjust particular settings on your Apple mobile devices, all with your own voice. But, before you do all this, you have to enable Siri on your Apple Smartphone.

How you can enable and disable Siri on your iPhone

iOS generally asks the user to enable Siri, when they first set up their Apple Smartphone. However, if Siri is not already enabled on your Apple mobile device for some reason, then you can switch it on in the ‘Settings’ mobile application of your iPhone anytime. Plus, you can disable Siri from the same place. Follow the below mentioned steps to enable or disable Siri on your Apple Smartphone.

Step 1: Start the ‘Settings’ mobile app on your Apple mobile device.

Step 2: Then, press the ‘General’ button.

Step 3: Then, tap on the option of ’Siri.’

Step 4: You can either enable or disable the Siri feature on your Apple Smartphone by toggling the button on or off. The phone will ask your confirmation, whenever you want to either enable or disable the Siri function on your iPhone.

Through these steps, you can set up Siri on your Apple mobile device. You can bring your Apple Smartphone to us, in case of any damages done to its hardware, as we repair iPhone very quickly.

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Fun Quiz! If you can only move two matches, what is the biggest possible number?

Answers 1: 999

The biggest possible answer for a 3 digit number is 999, which can be achieved by moving the two matches in the second and third digit as shown in the image below. However why should we limit ourselves to 3 digit number?

Answer 2: 51181

If we move the top and bottom matches from the middle zero, it will create two "ones". We can move the two matches at the back to create another "one", and thus creating the number 51181. Is this the biggest? Actually there are even bigger number

Answer 3: 81151

We can move the top and bottom matches from the middle zero to the front...

and if we flip the number upside down, we have 81151

Answer 4: 5 to the power of 118

Since we are thinking out of the box, lets get more creative. We can take the two matches and form the (^) power sign, which is 5 to the power of 118

How big is 5 to the power of 118? We asked Siri and this is what it said.

Answer 5: Infinity

We can move the match in the middle of the number 8 and make it a divide sign. That will be 50 / 0 and anything divided by zero is equal to infinity.

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