The Uses of HDMI Output

HDMI output is being used for almost all the audio and visual products used for entertainment specifically. ‘HDMI output’ products have earned a decent place in the market of electronics. The customer reviews for these products prove that they are in high demand. The range of products which give a HDMI output is huge. Let us discuss some of the uses of ‘HDMI output’ in different types of electronic products.

Personal computers

It is obvious that personal computers are not the sources of audio and visual entertainment entirely. One would imagine why a personal computer with HDMI output is required if the computer is used for professional purposes only. But this statement is not true. Even if the Personal computers are used for professional purposes only HD experience is worth appreciating. A person can enjoy the experience of high picture quality and the excellent clarity in sound. This is the reason why graphic cards are an important feature of all the laptops and other personal computers. In 2010 several companies which manufacture personal computers have started using HDMI for all their new designs. List of the vendors and display makers for Personal computers are Intel, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and LG.

HDMI can be used with older television

HDMI output is not only possible through HD televisions but even the older televisions can be made HD enabled. The traditional TV’s which used analog ports can be easily changed into a TV providing ‘HDMI output with the help of a scaler. A scaler is a digital to analog converter. Therefore, your existing equipment can also be turned into HD with the help of the new technologically enhanced equipments.

Digital cameras and camcorders

Now a days even digital camcorder and cameras give ‘HDMl output’. These camcorders have an in built mini HDMI connector. HDMI enhances the quality of the pictures and videos. Professional cameramen prefer to use these camcorders and even for the people who are beginning in this profession appreciate the technology. This new technology has been very popular in the year 2011 and the future of these products is also impressive.


Tablets are replacing both phones and Personal computers to some extent. All the reputed brands which have launched tablets recently have made sure that their products support HDMI output.  Samsung’s new Galaxy tab 10.1 can adapt to HDMI and USB cables. Motorola zoom the new product and Black berry’s Playbook both give ‘HDMI output’. Even one of the most reputed brands Apple has introduced ‘HDMI output’ with its iPad 1 and iPad 2. These products use a 30 pin port for their HDMI.

High Definition DVD players

These HD DVD players have a huge demand in the market. The audio and video quality of these equipments is not comparable to others. Multichannel LPCM can be transferred over HDIM. Some of the most affordable products with ‘HDML output’ have also been launched recently.

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