Trying To Save Wet Phone

Step One: Most electronics, such as IPhones, iPods and iPads, can manage some water given no power is running throughout the device. DO NOT power on, switch on or click your device. This is contrary to the natural instinct, after wiping it with your shirt or towel. It is normal to want to see what harm has been done. Listen carefully: THIS MOMENT CAN DESTROY YOUR DEVICE. Step Two: Grab It. In case you've an old telephone or a non-Apple model, you want to remove the battery cautiously and as soon as possible. The last thing you need is tweet, a text or call coming in and waking up your device.

For iPhone, iPad or iPad users, this measure is challenging. For all those with iPods or even iPads, I am sorry, but you will not have access to the battery without training, tools and expertise. IPhone users have a bit more luck. Step Three: That Sucks.

The following measure could be done without turning off your device in the event that you do not possess that ability. Before I continue, I must distribute a myth. Rice and Silica. I can't count the amount of iPhones I've opened up after the consumer left it in rice or silica more than 24 hours, only to locate droplets of water resting between the circuits. If you drop a wristwatch in water, rice will find the humidity out - nevertheless, an elaborate, well sealed, mulit layered iPhone is different narrative. For that. Use a vacuum. I am serious. Utilize vacuum with a hose, a tube for toilet paper and a few tape.

First: Place the paperboard tube around your iPhone or iPod. Then use the tape to make a seal. In the end, connect the tube to the suction pipe allow it to run. Allow it runs for a while. In one hour, this will get more out water then 2 days in a bag of Uncle Ben's. Step Four: The Waiting Game. After a hour of vacuuming out it is now time to wait. The best choice is to open the device and set under the warmth of 60-75 watt light bulb about 2 meters away. Rule of Thumb: If it's not hot enough to hurt your hands it's secure for the iPhone. If that isn't possible, I concede, do the rice/silica thing. Place it into a bag filled with rice or silica packets and let sit for 24 hours. You can search on the internet for the best methods to do that, but remember to use a vacuum for at least a hour.

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