Repairing Your Apple Gadget The Options

A well cared for iPhone or iPad can last several years, but there is a disadvantage to this longevity: eventually, you are going to need battery replacement. A system that is used can begin to show diminished battery life after 18-24 months. If you've already got the device you'll probably notice that the battery retains juice, which makes it less useful. If you are still satisfied with everything on your iPhone or iPod, you might not want to purchase A completely new device, when all of you will need is a fresh battery. But, the battery on both devices isn't replaceable by consumers since the camera body has no doors or screws.

So what're your options? . Connected: 30 Tips to Expand iPhone Battery Life. IPhone & iPad Battery Replacement Options. Apple, Apple offers a battery replacement program for both in- and - out-of warranty models through its own providers and website. There are conditions, but a lot of older models should qualify. If you have got an Apple Store nearby, stop in and go over your options. Otherwise, there's excellent info on Apple's web site about both iPhone Repair and iPad repair and iPad repair. Apple Authorized Service Providers, Apple is not the only company authorized to supply repairs. There is also a network of authorized service providers whose staff has been trained and certified by Apple.

Once you get a repair from all of these stores, you can be sure that you are getting great, knowledgeable help and your warranty will not be voided. Find a licensed service provider near you at Apple's website. Repair Centers, Many web sites and mall kiosks provide iPhone and iPad battery replacement solutions. Google ipod battery replacement, and you'll probably find a selection, frequently with costs lower than Apple's. Be wary of those options. Unless of course they are Apple their employees might not be specialists plus they can harm your device by mistake. If this happens, Apple might not be able to help.

Do It Yourself, If you are at your fingertips, you can replace the device's battery yourself. That is a little trickier, but Google will provide you many companies ready to sell you the tools and the battery you have to do this. Make certain you have synced your iPhone or iPad before you begin to back up your information and know exactly what you're doing. Otherwise, you may wind up with a dead device.

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