What is Data Recovery?

The use of computers today is widespread. More and more people and organizations are integrating the use of computers in their daily lives and operations for convenience purposes. However, even with the benefits offered by computerization, data loss is one of the most popular drawbacks associated to it. There are numerous occurrences that can result in data loss and in most cases come about in an unexpected fashion. Accidental formatting or deletion of files, physical damage to the hard drive and the effect of malicious software; have made it essential to stay informed on data recovery so as to make sure such occurrences do not sour your experience with computers.  

Data recovery is the process of retrieving data from a hard drive affected by the above listed occurrences. Data lost in these circumstances can be retrieved by the use of data recovery software and tools depending on the extent of the damage whether virtual or mechanical. Below we will look at some of the data recovery solutions available to you in case the worst does happen and you are left in a desperate situation.

Deleted Files

Accidental deletion of files may seem like an impossible occurrence but it is quite common. When you find that you have deleted an important file from your computer, you can use data recovery software to recover the files. This is possible because, when a file is deleted, the computer just adds instructions to the file instructing the Operating System that it is okay to overwrite the marked data. This data will however, be lost if overwritten.

Formatted Drives

Another common data loss cause is the accidental formatting of drives. In this case the data remains intact in most cases with the main change being the drives virtual structure. This means that the data can be recovered.

Corrupted Files

This is a dreaded situation, as most people think that once they lose data through virus corruption it is lost permanently. To recover such data, the drive needs to be transferred to a computer with a healthy and functional operating system. By running a recovery software on the healthy drive you can recover files in the corrupted drive.

Physically Damaged Drives

Losing data through physical damage can be remedied by turning to a professional data recovery services. These professionals have the necessary tools and machines to open up the hard drive and read the physical sectors of the hard drives and recreating the hard drive image

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