Tips to avoid getting your phone screen damaged

iPhones have become part and parcel of our daily lives. You can literally do anything that you would ordinarily need a computer to accomplish. There have been a growing concern on phone screen damages and this causes frequent visits to the service centers to get your iPhone repair.

In this article, we are going to share some simple tips that will keep your phone safe from various damages.

Avoid keeping keys with the phone

This is a common mistake that a good number of phone owners make even without realizing it. Both keys and the phone are important and it is likely to have them together in the same pocket. However, since the keys are quite sharp, they will end up damaging the phone screen. You get cracks and scratches on the screen and this may force you to seek some repairs. Always keep in a different pocket from keys and other sharp objects and you can be assured you will make fewer trips to the service centers for repairs. iPhone screen repairs are the most common repair we have done over the years. Find out some of the best smartphone screen protectors that we would recommend!

Taking photos

People rarely use digital cameras to take photos when they have a smartphone. However, there are instances that you might really be caught with the photo taking and not observe caution. The photo button is also located in an odd place and this makes its handling quite risky. There is a very high likelihood that you may drop your phone when trying to capture a shot. This will often land on a hard surface and even if you are lucky that the screen does not crack or break, there are other parts that may be affected. Do make it a habit to only take photos when you have enough room and if you want to capture yourself, you can ask someone to take the photos for you.

Dangers of the Golf App Games

As much as the golf app games are amazing on your phone, it can cause serious problems. Usually the game requires you to swing your phone like a golf club so as to enjoy the real experience of a golf game. Unfortunately, when one is caught in the game, the phone may slip from your hands and this may cause serious damages. This also applies to other sporting games that may require you to move your phone from one position to another. If you are really into games, you can get a phone case that has a better grip so as to avoid breaking when playing games. If you are an app and mobile game lover, do also checkout the best iPhone apps in 2015.

Keeping your phone in your trouser pocket

In your day to day engagements, you will bump into things and most of the time we place out our phone facing outwards, which makes the screen vulnerable to breakages when there is an impact. Besides being careful, you can always ensure that the creed faces inwards towards the leg when it is in your pocket. Having a screen protector is also advisable for your phone. If you are confident in repairing your cracked screen on your own, read up the healthy tips on iPhone repair and how to repair cracked screen on your phone.

These simple measures will reduce the number of times you take your phone for repair.

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